Drago Orlovsky

Noble ruler


As the story goes, Lord Mishka was a young man who at a young age was given a stretch of land to hold and guard for his lord. He married very well, as Helga was from a wealthy family and she was already a widow with lands and a keep in her possession. Together Lord Mishka and Lady Helga built a strong grip on local power and prestige. But as all good stories go, there is bad that seeps in to balance it. Lady Helga, while being a powerful woman, had little interest in Lord Mishka physically, and even though they had a daughter and a son together, it was an icy physical relationship. Their two children, Mishka and Olga, were by some rumors born from other women and then raised by the family.

These rumors are further substantiated by Drago’s story. His mother, Tanja, was a raven haired beauty with green eyes who served in the household of Lord Mishka. Tanja was a young woman of 17 who assisted in serving food and cleaning for the noble family. Lord Mishka took interest in her, giving her gifts and asking to play games of chance with her after the normal retiring hours had passed. Now Tanja had a strong family of farmers and they grew quite dubious of these meetings, especially after the rumors had circulated of Lord Mishka and his other children.

To Tanja though, she felt for the Lord of the lands, as he had an icy woman who would not share his bed, and he was after all a very good looking man of substance. So she agreed to stay after hours, getting to know the Noble and his family. Often, Lady Helga would see them talking together and just shake her head.

Well as it would be inevitable, Tanja was bedded by Lord Mishka. He took an immediate interest in her affairs, moving her into the keep. He rode to her family farm and paid her father, Drago, a large sum of money to allow her to live with them and from that point on, Tanja was “owned” by the Orlavski family. As it were, soon after a long and cold winter, a baby boy was born. The result though left the poor young and beautiful Tanja bed ridden and she never recovered. She wanted to name the boy after her father, and Lord Mishka Orlavski agreed. She died only 3 days after the young Drago was born. Mishka and Helga raised Drago as Drago Orlavski, never giving him any reason to believe he was anything more than a member of the family. Being second born though brought very little opportunity when it comes to being properly trained as a knight or even a noble as it were. Most of Drago’s life was spent in schools away from home, where he learned to rely upon not his name, but his wits.

Much talk at family gatherings was of the boy who was never present, being “hid” away and that he was not a true child of the Orlavski name. When Drago was present, his brother and sister treated him as a stranger, as did Lady Helga. But Mishka was always very attentive to him, asking him of school and doting on him. And at age 15 told him of his true mother, Tanja, and that her family was long dead, and how he had loved her and promised to name him after his grandfather.

This news greatly disturbed Drago, but didn’t surprise him. Helga had never treated him as a son and his brother and sister never had shown any love toward him at all. So after telling him the truth, Mishka told Drago that he needed to find his own way and to use his estranged position as an opportunity, not as a hindrance. And then was sent to study at the capital with other noble children while his “brother” was knighted and given lands and his sister was an accomplished mage and had married within the circle of nobility.

Drago rebelled, living a life of women, drink, song, and more women. His long time friend who was a year ahead of him at school did quite well, and would assist him in his studies, but in the end, Drago dropped out of school and spent his money on the brothels and entertainment that an 18 year old can find in a large city with money.

Lord Mishka did not forget him, and even after hearing of the stories of his son, he knew that he must help him. He learned of the lands by the river, the lands where if one were strong and smart, could make a name for themselves. He worked and was able to get Drago a writ to begin clearing and perhaps claiming some lands there. He sent a servant to assist, giving information on a gold mine, and continued to look for other means to assist.

It was now up to Drago to make his way, and with his companions, he would do so or die trying.

Relationships (deceased) Lord Mishka – warm but battered. A lifetime of secrets will drive a wedge in any relationship. He looks to him as his father though, even though he barely knows him. Lady Helga – cold and distant. She at no time showed any interest in him or his well being. Servants tended to him as a baby up till he could attend school, then teachers did. He knows no maternal love for her or anyone. Mishka Orlavski – brother – distant. He knows his brother from the holidays away from school. As an older brother, Mishka thinks very little of his brother. He feels for Drago but is busy in his own affairs. He wishes he could have known Drago better but life didn’t allow it. Olga – sister – (didn’t know what last name to give her) distant. Olga spent most of her time studying the tomes and manuals of magic and had a personal tutor. She never really gave much thought to Drago, and visa versa. No grandparents still live. Angus Orlavski – Uncle (brother of Mishka) – closest relative outside of his father. Uncle Angus always liked Drago, seeing his quick wit and fearless ways always made him want to train Drago as a knight. Alas, it was not to be, but he is very interested in Drago’s latest endeavors and would not hesitate to help if needed. Drago knows very little of his Uncle’s feelings, he liked him as his favorite Uncle, but once again spent very little time with him. Friendships – aside from (Noah’s char), Drago has subsisted on temporary friendships and acquaintances. He is friend to all who will be his friend, and an enemy of any who would betray. Loves – none – while Drago has been with many women already in his young life he has never been in a relationship. He loves every woman he lies with intensely regardless of social status.

Drago Orlovsky

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