Currently the following provinces are being created all still under the control of Baron Orlavsky but due to change soon.

Lakeside – Current capitol. It contains strategic positions, controls large swaths of the river, and the silver mine. Also some farmland.

Eastern View – This will soon be very powerful province. It now is just hills, but to the advantageous and loyal noble who steps in, it could have access to a large portion of the lake and rivers.

Tree Mount – Very nice piece of property, it contains our gold mine yet to be harvested. As well as river access.

Fort Oleg – Large swaths of farmland and the northern gate of our budding kingdom. Fortunes could be made here as both defense and money are paramount in this province.

Plains View – Primarily Farms, but this province will grow for sure. Important defensive position.

Northern Crescent Wood – Important relations with the Fae folk and hunting. Lumber as well.

Temple Wood – Contains the massive temple.

Southern Crescent Wood – Lumber, Fae relations.

Southern Wood – Will expand, to involve the southern reaches of the Fae River


Noble Kingmaker Mathwei